Mitigation centers and banks are typically large tracts of contiguous land, allowing for a more comprehensive increase in ecological function and benefits for the environment on a landscape scale. Larger land bases have proven to be more effective for successful ecological restoration, as well as providing incrementally more habitats for many species of wildlife and plants.

Excel enhances and restores land prior to mitigation credit sales, benefiting the environment prior to development impacts.

Excel Mitigation Center, when completed, will be preserved forever by a conservation easement and deed restriction, producing an invaluable and everlasting environmental resource.



Purchasing credits from Excel can reduce permitting time dramatically due to pre-approved credits as well as extensive experience with permitting and knowledge of certain mitigation habitat requirements.

Excel Mitigation Center charges a pre-determined, fixed fee, incorporating mitigation requirements and professional services, so that unexpected problems become a thing of the past.

Excel guarantees the completion of the mitigation process, assuming all maintenance and management costs.